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    Discover the microscopic world with a microscope and child-friendly accessories. There are 10 experiments to try, explained step by step. Contains: a x10 binocular microscope with LED lighting, tweezers, pipette and Petri dish. A booklet for parents enables them to help their children.

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    One 23-cm microscope with lenses, colour filters and 3 magnifications: x200 / x600 / x1200. The base and body of the microscope are metal. LED light for high-quality observations. A large number of accessories included: slides, tweezers, 4 vials, Petri dish, micro-slicer, labels, needle and 4 sample slides included. Instructions with 30 experiments for...

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    Observe magnified objects with the binocular microscope. Place the sample in the middle of the stage, switch on the LED light, focus to sharpen the image and observe the object in all its forms. Instruction sheet in colour.

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    A metal microscope with glass lenses and eyepieces for high-quality observations ! 3 zoom levels: X 100 - X 250 - X 1000 HDIncludes all these accessories: slides, tweezers, vials, mixer, labels, Petri dish, micro-slicer, and more Instruction sheet with colour illustrations.

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    A 3-in-1 microscope for exploring the microscopic world. USB webcam mode: for carrying out observations using a Mac or PC. Smartphone mode: use a telephone or tablet for your observations. Optical mode: use it like a conventional microscope. Up to 400x zoom. Dual LED lighting.Various accessories included (scalpel, tweezers, slices for samples...)...

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    A set of microscope slides with 20 prepared specimens including rabbit blood, sunflower pollen, bamboo, cricket wing, etc. An illustrated note explains in detail what features to look for.

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    A pocket microscope for exploring the microscopic world with a 120x magnification microscope. Included a leaflet with a quiz on easily observable everyday objects.

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    Observe the microscopic world with a microscope featuring 400x magnification, ideal for beginners. 15 experiments to understand the materials around us, with equipment for preparing your own samples. Illustrated colour booklet.

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