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    A marble run that you can build for hours of fun! Join corner pieces and tubes, add turnstiles, levers and wheels to build fun and unique marble runs. 80 pieces, including 10 marbles.

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    A giant marble run to build from tubes, corner pieces and special parts for hours of fun! A 56-cm-high electric lift takes the marbles to the top of the run quickly and easily. The marbles speed through the maze, crossing bridges, spinning though wheels and falling with no problems. Several models available with the possibility to create your own mazes....

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    Assemble the labyrinth, then activate the different parts to set the marble on the right path so it doesn't fall! Put the two modules where ever you want the marble to set off sound and light! The marble lift is 60 cm high with 2 playing speeds. Compatible with PM854 Marbles Run and PM8588, Marble Challenge.

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    Assemble the maze and launch the marble with the catapult! Move the various elements and traps to set the marble's course and prevent it from falling. Compatible with Buki Mega Marbles Run PM852 and Marble Challenge PM858.

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    A 59 cm high marble run for the bigger kids! A lift allowing marbles to easily reach the top of the constructed maze. Several models available with the possibility to create your own mazes. Introduce children to building and let their imaginations take over.

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    Assemble the maze, choose your coloured marble and put it on the starting line next to the competitors. Watch your marble race through the course and take on the traps! Use the bellows to speed up or slow down your marble. Who will win the race ? Compatible with PM852 and PM854.

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Results 1 - 6 of 6 items