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    A camera with a built-in printer to preserve your best memories so they can be cherished forever. Black and white, ink-free printing with thermal technology. 3 paper rolls included. You can print 100 photos with the 2 standard rolls and 20 stickers with the sticky roll. Photo size: 7 x 5.5 cm. A 4GB micro SD card is included to save your photos and even...

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    3 standard paper rolls and 3 sticky paper rolls for printing photos with the Buki Instant Print Camera. You can print 50 photos (5.5 x 7 cm) with a standard paper roll and 20 photos with a sticky paper roll. With this set, you can print 150 standard photos and 60 sticky photos! Paper roll dimensions: 57 x 25 mm.

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    An easy-to-use digital camcorder so that children can immortalise their favourite memories on video or in pictures. The camcorder is compact, lightweight (300 g) and easy to hold with its adjustable strap. The colour HD screen, with a diagonal measurement of 7.5 cm, rotates so that it can be turned in different directions and used for selfies. The...

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Results 1 - 3 of 3 items