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Our history

Buki Toys

Buki France is a toy manufacturer for children of all ages.

For 30 years, Buki has been inventing scientific, educational and creative toys for young and old, girls and boys.

Buki accompanies all generations with its famous toys: chemistry labstyling head or friendship bracelets.

The experiments contribute to children's learning through different themes: sciencespace, animals, nature, construction, fashion... By playing, children learn to discover the world while having fun ! They create and test new activities that they can share with their family.

The story of Buki

Founded in 1992, Buki France is today a key player in the toy market. Our team's mission is to offer ranges of toys for all ages and for everyone, including scientific, educational, arts & crafts, and constantly innovating as much as possible!

In its offices in Le Mans, Buki France invents, designs, develops more than 40 new products each year. The team also works closely with designers, illustrators, and scientists.
Inseparable elements of the boxes, our characters Léo and Léa accompany the children through the experiences and activities.

Buki France toys are avalaible in 6 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch) and distributed throughout many countries in Europe, North and South America, Africa, and more, both in supermarkets and specialized stores, bookstores, shopping sites, e-commerce, and museums.

Buki France is also the exclusive distributor in France of the brands: Our Generation (dolls), Taf Toys (first age toys), and Amazonas (baby carrier, hammock...).


Creation of Buki France by Daniel Lévy and his father Meyer Lévy

« We must not be afraid to dare »

Daniel Lévy is a former pharmacist. In 1992, along with his father, he launched Buki France. They began distributing Israeli products for children, such as animal activity books, on the French market. Among other stores, the company worked with Nature et Découvertes and Eveil et Jeux.


First success

The company distributed its first solar energy themed kit, which attracted consumers and several store chains.


Expansion of the offer

Following the craze for scientific toys, the company expanded its range by offering electricity themed kits. It also introduced new product ranges, such as marbles mazes into France, Belgium and Switzerland.


Creating its own toys

After a few years, the company started to develop its own scientific kits including a giant wind turbine, and both water and electric vehicles.


Creation of the first character Léo

To reinforce its brand identity, Buki France created a new logo and a character named Leo, who guides children through the kits. A few years later, Léa was also introduced.

These emblematic characters are easily recognized and identified, representing strong values to complete the corporate identity and style guide of Buki France.


Opening of an office in Paris

This year was marked by the opening of an office in Paris, and the hiring of Product Managers dedicated to the development of new toys. In order to meet the needs of customers, and to face its competitors, Buki France took a strategic turn by reinforcing the development of its own product lines.


Beginning of exports

The company accelerated its development by exporting its creations to a wide European market. The packs and instructions are translated into 6 languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch.


Second success

The “Disgusting Lab” kit benefited from a TV campaign, in collaboration with the “Toys R Us” toy chain, further growing the success of the brand.


Creation of the character Léa

The character Léa was introduced following other ranges.


Move to Le Mans

At the request of its main employees, who come from the Sarthe region, Buki France moved its offices to Le Mans, maintaining the high standard of family values the company has observed since its inception. Today, the company has 15 employees.


Creation of a creative range, and start of international development

Buki France launched a new range of arts and crafts kits, “Be Teens”, to complete its product offer. At the same time, a growth in exports enabled Buki France to strengthen its development with partners in countries outside Europe. Today, the company exports in more than 45 countries worldwide.



The teams at Buki France now develop more than 20 products every year and the company continues to flourish by conquering the entire world.

A little bit more about Buki's philosophy:


The team designs all the products, from the brand storming to the marketing. It takes between 3 months and one year for an idea to come to life.


The leader of the scientific game, Buki France, has forged a solid reputation in transmitting knowledge to young audiences.


All experiences, recipes, and activities are tested with children. The team retains only the most fun and interesting.

Play together

Our sets have been designed to be played by the whole family. Adults are encouraged to participate actively, and specific activities have been designed for them.


Tested by independent laboratories, our toys comply with the latest standards.