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    Make chocolate paste and use the press to make chocolate shapes in a range of flavours! You'll also be able to make chocolate bars, lollipops, and filled and surprise eggs with the equipment provided! 20 recipes are explained step by step in the illustrated colour instruction sheet. Chocolate not included.

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    Learn make-up techniques with the instruction sheet and practice with your studio! The instruction sheet will tell you which colour, texture or combination is best for your face shape or hair colour! 1 mirror and lots of storage to set up all the equipment: nail file, 2 brushes, 1 nail dotting tool and an orange stick.

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    A set of five colours of beads. Each tube contains 15 g of beads. The beads have a diameter of 2 mm.

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    A metal microscope with glass lenses and eyepieces for high-quality observations ! 3 zoom levels: X 100 - X 250 - X 1000 HDIncludes all these accessories: slides, tweezers, vials, mixer, labels, Petri dish, micro-slicer, and more Instruction sheet with colour illustrations.

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