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    Dig up a dinosaur skull with the tools supplied: hammer, chisel and brush. The dinosaur skull can be exhibited on a plinth, like in a museum. Includes: a tray for mess-free digging. Two models: Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops.

    10,75 €
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    A design studio for you to create your own look book of ladies’ and men’s fashion! Switch the light on, put a stencil in and draw clothes on the figure outlines. Then decorate them with the self-adhesive fabrics, glitter and any of the many other accessories included. Slide the hairstyles, tops, bottoms and footwear you’ve designed into the book - just...

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    Pick up the different shapes without touching the rim and see how many you can collect! If the tweezers touch the metal rim of the tray, a light comes on and a buzzer sounds. Each shape comes in 3 different sizes, for 3 levels of difficulty. There’s a timer so that children can time themselves when playing alone. If two people are playing, the one to...

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    An LCD screen tablet for learning to write the letters of the alphabet in capital letters and lower case cursive letters, as well as numbers from 0 to 9. Plus, learn to draw curvy and straight lines. The child puts a sheet under the tablet and practices by tracing the lines on each sheet. Erase by simply pressing the button! Write using the stylus like a...

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