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    Dig up a dinosaur skull with the tools supplied: hammer, chisel and brush. The dinosaur skull can be exhibited on a plinth, like in a museum.  Includes: a tray for mess-free digging. Two models: Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops.

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    150 risk-free chemistry experiments! Experiment with mixtures and explore kitchen products such as eggs, vinegar, oil... Includes a flask, test tubes and protective goggles. 

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    A nail bar with a section for holding the finger you're working on, a section for drying your nails more quickly, and a magnifying glass and light for precision work! Choose your manicure from the 30 models on offer, copying them step by step for a professional result! Set includes: 8 nail varnishes, stickers, dotting tool, tweezers, cuticle shaper, nail...

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    A design studio for you to create your own look book of ladies’ and men’s fashion! Switch the light on, put a stencil in and draw clothes on the figure outlines. Then decorate them with the self-adhesive fabrics, glitter and any of the many other accessories included. Slide the hairstyles, tops, bottoms and footwear you’ve designed into the book - just...

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