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    Dig up a dinosaur skull with the tools supplied: hammer, chisel and brush. The dinosaur skull can be exhibited on a plinth, like in a museum. Includes: a tray for mess-free digging. Two models: Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops.

    10,75 €
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    A mini projector to display beautiful pictures on a wall or ceiling. The mini-projector comes with three discs of eight slides on the theme of dinosaurs.

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    A 24 cm tornado lamp, ideal for decorating the bedroom. Pour in the water and add the flakes. The lamp has a LED, which changes colour and reproduces a submarine tornado. Discover 5 surprising experiments on water !

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    A refill for the Professional Studio Engraving Studio set, to create new engravings on wood and metal. Create and personalise 5 magnets, 5 key rings and 10 necklaces! The accessories can be used with the "Professional Studio Engraving Studio" set (ref. 5427).

    8,25 €
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